Certified Courage Coach

The Switch Anti-Trafficking Network Certified Courage Coaching Program is a 6-week training and professional certification course of extensive study on human trafficking. Our main purpose is to educate and equip compassionate volunteers to serve and assist victims of human trafficking; empowering them to effect positive change within the lives of exploited individuals.

The Switch


This course is for every passionate person who feels like they have been called to minister to victims of human trafficking, for every volunteer who has a heart of compassion but lacks the knowledge of how to help, and lastly for every parent, family member, loved one who feel they are at their wits end and don’t know what to do.

Because of the nature of this course, I have deeply discounted the rate and made it convenient. You can take this course online or at a live event. It is imperative that we become fully persuaded that we make our children feel loved and that we will take every possible measure to keep them safe.